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active projects / pubblications

published by: Asociación de Malabaristas and Escuela de Circo Carampa | country: Spain | language: spanish | founded in: 1988 | format: printed magazine issues per year: 2 (new edition) | directed by: Javier Jiménez |

ambidextro   carampola

El Ambidextro is a printed magazine edited by the Escuela de Circo Carampa. It is published in spanish since 1989. Up date it has 2 printed issues yearly (June and December)  and we focus on the activities of the circus schools, mainly Carampa, the circus groups around it.and other useful subjects for circus students. We cover the new spanish circus projects, european projects involving circus schools and much more.


published by: Artcena | country: France | language: french | founded in: 2015 | format: online magazine issues per year: 4  | directed by: Isabelle.Drubigny |

ARTCENA – Le Bulletin, journal trimestriel, gratuit et téléchargeable, propose, sur 80 pages, une sélection de l’actualité des arts du cirque, de la rue et du théâtre, un repérage de projets de créations et de nouveaux spectacles, un agenda de festivals, des focus thématiques, des analyses juridiques, des tribunes d’opinions


published by: CircusCentrum, Flemish Centrum of Circus Art | country: Belgium (Flanders) | language: flemish | founded in: 2004 (previuosly out as Circus Vlo) | format: printed and online magazine issues per year: 4 | directed by: Maarten Verhelst

Circus centrum

CircusMagazine is a publication of Circuscentrum, the Flemish centre for circus arts, and focuses on all sorts of circus, including youth circus, in Flanders and Europe. With a circulation of 4.500 CircusMagazine, one of the most spread circus magazines in Europe, it aims at broadening the view of its readers and spot important evolutions and trends in the circus world.

published by: Katharine Kavanagh | country: United Kingdom | language: English | founded in: 2013 | format: Online platform | directed by: Katharine Kavanagh |


The Circus Diaries is a non-profit online platform dedicated to developing a critical resource for circus performers, audiences and researchers. Beginning as a blog in 2013, the site has expanded to include show reviews and reports on industry events in the UK and beyond, with presence on all major social media channels.

published by: Circus Now | language: american | founded in: 2013 | format: online platform | directed by: Duncan Wall

Circus Now

CirCommons is an interactive journal that aims to draw together the circus community through collective discussion and writing. Written by the community, curated and edited by the Circus Now Research Team, CirCommons will act as a reservoir of ideas pertaining to the practice and study of circus arts. By providing a platform for vigorous discussion, debate, and reflection, CirCommons aims at enriching the artistic and academic investigation of contemporary circus, and facilitating the entrée of US circus studies into the sphere of performance studies broadly

published by: CircusTalk LLC | language: English | founded in: 2014 | format: online platform | directed by: Kim Campbell

circus-talks-logo is the international circus community’s professional on-line social network and marketplace.

CircusTalk.News publishes articles of interest to the international circus community. Besides monitoring and aggregating circus related content from around the world, CircusTalk.News also publishes original (previously unpublished) work.

published by: Espace Catastrophe | country: Belgium (Bruxelles) | language: french | founded in: 2014 | format: printed and online magazine issues per year: 4 | directed by: Laurent Ancion

logo EspaceCatastrophe

Between fans and professional alike, circus life in Bruxelle at the dawn of a ‘boom’, which affects all sectors: shows, workshops, training courses, social projects. The new magazine C! RQ en CAPITAL explores this movement increasingly shaking and diving, four times a year, in the heart of Bruxelles circus town

published by: CIRQUEON – Centre for Contemporary Circus | country: Czech Republic | language: Czech | founded in: 2012 | format: online |directed by: Veronika Stefanova |

Cirqueon – centre for contemporary circus publishes articles, interviews and reports focusing on all types of circus including youth circus and social circus in the Czech Republic, Europe and overseas. The articles are being published on a regular basis and deal with the current situation in the circus field. The authors are young cultural journalists and circus artists as well as circus teachers and lecturers. The aim is to inform especially the Czech audience about what is happening in circus arts.

published by: Stichting Briantelli | country: The Netherlands | language: dutch, english, french | founded in: 2014 | format: online magazine issues per year: 4 |directed by: Wim Claessen

Contemporary Circus Magazine, a regular magazine with interviews and opinions about the state of the new circus. In English, French and Dutch. It is a Circo Circolo publication.

published by: Cirko De Mente | country: Mexico | language: spanish | founded in: 2015  | format: printed & online magazine | directed by: Rodrigo Hernández, Andrea Peláez, Andrea Torres  |


Dokucirco circus magazine is a quarterly digital release, made with the participation of mexican and international circus professionals, researchers and fans. Dokucirco magazine, a publication for circus lovers, is one of the components of the Mexican Centre of Circus Documentation.

published by: International Juggling Association | country: USA | language: american | founded in: 2012 (previously published as “Jugglers World” and “JUGGLE” 1981/2011) | format: online platform | directed by: Scott Seltzer


eJuggle is the electronic magazine (ezine) of the International Juggler’s Asociation. and the pre-eminent juggling news resource (online or offline). The Ezine is updated nearly daily with articles, exclusive videos, current events, and more. We attract hobbyists and performers from all around the world. The website is updated regularly with high quality juggling articles, videos, and other exciting content. There are currently over 700 original posts available on every aspect of juggling.

published by: : INZ e.V | country: Germany | language: german / english | founded in: 2011 | format: online platform | directed by: Jenny Patschovsky, Tim Behren

Initiative Neue Zirkus e.V. is a network and information platform for the professional field of the contemporary circus as well as for the general public, institutions, researchers and media. We are the hub for all information about the scene and we work for the visibility of the Contemporary Circus as part of the performing arts.

published by: Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni | country: Italy | language: italian | founded in: 1998 | format: printed and interactive online magazine issues per year: 4 | directed by: Adolfo Rossomando


Stemming from its printed publication, Juggling Magazine Media Project has throughout the years become a multi-facet tool for promoting and spreading contemporary circus, youth circus, social circus, audience development and street art in Italy.

published by: Malabart | country: Spain | language: spanish | founded in: 2003 | format: online platform | directed by: Juande Santos & Pauline Avignon  |


Malabart is an online platform for the development and diffusion of circus and street art, based in Extremadura, Badajoz

published by: American Circus Educators Association (a branch of the American Youth Circus Organization) | country: USA | language: English | founded in: 2013 | format: Online platform and pdf magazine, issues per year: 4 | directed by: ACE

ACE magazine is the online magazine of the American Circus Educators Association, dedicated to circus education. Connecting and supporting circus educators, schools and organizations in the USA, ACE Magazine includes features news on developments in circus pedagogy, tools, events, research, safety, and more. Our digital format allows us to include multimedia features and clickable links.

published by: Naoya Aoki country: Japan | language: japanise / english | founded in: 2014 | format: printed magazine, issues per year: 1 | directed by: Naoya Aoki

logo PONTE

PONTE is a paper printed & Web based magazine which deals with Juggling in general,  mainly for purpose of providing information on juggling scene all around the world to Japanese audience. It’s run by Naoya Aoki, a juggling enthusiast, a performer, and a writer.

published by: John Ellingsworth | country: United Kingdom | language: english | founded in: 2009 | format: online platform | directed by: John Ellingsworth

side show

Sideshow is a magazine and website that promotes, records and thinks about contemporary circus. Its current major project is The Adjacent Possible, a conversation series around four big themes: Presence, Society, Ageing & Death, and The Unknown.

published by: Finnish Youth Circus Association | country: Finland | language: finnish | founded in: 1995 | format: printed magazine issues per year: 4 | directed by: Evianna Lehtipuu


Sirkuspyramidi is a printed circus magazine dedicated to circus arts, youth circus, circus critics and reports and news from the circus field. It is published in Finnish from 1993 by the Finnish Youth Circus Association and has 4 issues yearly. The editor of the magazine is Evianna Lehtipuu.

country: Spain | language: spanish and catalan | founded in: 2004 | format: printed and online magazine issues per year: 4 | directed by: Vicente Llorca


Zirkolika was launched in June 2004 because of the prompt and clear need of the spanish circus world to have its own medium of information, communication and divulging. The magazine is at the moment the main publication in Spain specialized in circus arts and it is also a reference for anyone who wants to know about the circus reality. It is a popular magazine addressed not only to professionals but also to amateurs and circus friends.


 L’équipe d’ARTCENA travaille actuellement à la refonte de son système d’information et à la création d’un portail numérique de référence sur le spectacle vivant. Sa mise en ligne est prévue pour 2018.
En attendant, nos ressources sont mises à jour sur les sites internet des deux structures fusionnées : le CnT et HorsLesMurs.
Ainsi, en cliquant sur les liens ci-dessous, vous pourrez trouver toutes nos informations concernant :

CARP is an online platform for academic research on circus art. Its obectives include: stimulate and strengthen collaboration between scholars interested in circus arts studies across all academic disciplines; compile an international, accessible bibliography of academic publications related to circus arts studies; list the universities and research institutions with circus-related research programs or research chairs; archives; libraries and resource centre with significant collections; institutions offering residencies to scholars, as well as relevant museum collections; inventory circus arts related research activities (programs, conferences, lectures etc.); share the most recent activities (publications etc.) in circus arts research; to facilitate a network of circus researchers around the world.

circopedia Online wikipedia of the international circus, featuring biographies, circus profiles, video clips, image galleries, and artwork from circus performers and organizations … The Big Apple Circus ( began the development of the project in 2007, with inspiration, guidance and leadership support from the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation. The idea was to use the Internet to help the public better understand and appreciate circus as a global artistic and cultural phenomenon, embracing both the populist nature of the circus and the democratic technology of a free-access web archive

circostrada.jpg.1024x768_q85   Research into circus and street arts, and outdoor artistic creation in general, is still underdeveloped in Europe and worldwide. Circostrada supports and promotes research by regularly carrying out and publishing thematic studies and guides that shed light on innovative practices and identify the emerging trends impacting and challenging our sectors. Circostrada regularly publishes guides, studies, reports and professional directories to facilitate the circulation of artistic works, the mobility of cultural artists and professionals, and the access to resources about our sectors. This resource portal gives you access to numerous online documents produced or made available by the network and its members as well as thematic resources and an interactive map identifying other resource portals in Europe and worldwide.

Circus centrum Flemish Centrum of Circus Art Circuscentrum aims to turn Flanders into a flourishing circus region, with wide cultural support and the best possible development opportunities through various activities and projects. The resource center consists of more than 1.000 publications and dvds.

logo sirkusinfo   Founded in 2006, SirkusInfo Finland is a national centre specialised in the development of the circus field. Its mission, among other things, is to collect and disseminate knowledge about circus, create and maintain relationships with international players in the circus scene and to support cultural exports.

Cirque du Monde Ever since Cirque du Soleil has had the resources to follow its dreams, it has chosen to be involved with at-risk youth, mainly through its social circus program, Cirque du Monde. With the aim to foster the personal and social development of these young people, Cirque du Monde offers social circus workshops, training, support and consulting services, networking and advocacy. The platform is accessible from various electronic devices and with its extensive documentation related to social circus, it is today one of the most valuable reference source on the subject

  DOKUCIRCO, the Mexican Centre of Circus Documentation, supported by Cirko de Mente A.C. is a spot for conservation, consultation, reflection, production and dissemination of information regarding circus arts. This Centre is based in Mexico City and it’s one of a kind in the country and in the region. Conceived as a node of circus knowledge as well as a meeting point between creators, researchers, teachers and spectators. Dokucirco aims to stimulate the development and dissemination of the conceptual univers of circus arts. Focusing on mexican circus historical heritage the Centre points to build bridges  with other documentation and research centres and with the circus comunity around the globe.

Kaskade Kaskade, european juggling magazine, was a forum where jugglers and physical artists of all kinds, both amateur and professional, could exchange views and experiences. The last print issue appeared in October 2013. Now you can download all 112 issues, dating back to 1984. The Kaskade Archive contains reports from all over the world on conventions for jugglers and other artists, on shows, festivals, projects and circus schools. You can also learn from workshop articles on juggling, diabolo, unicycling, acrobatics and many other skills. Or read reviews of books and video material on circus-related themes.

  The Circus Art Anthologies  is a multi-media web site allowing amateurs, professionals and researchers alike, to discover and understand the different circus disciplines. This project has been developed by the National Centre for Circus Arts and the French National Library (BNF).

rueetcirque Hors les Murs resource center on street arts and circus arts. Access to thousands of online documents as well as the business directory of HorsLesMurs. Contact companies, venues or residence, shows records mingle with images, videos, articles and reference books. These resources are put into perspective in thematic tours and educational tools. This led project brings together fifteen HorsLesMurs reference resource partner funds.

discontinued projects / publications

published by: collectivo El Circense | country: Argentina | language: spanish | founded in: 2008 | format: online magazine issues per year: 12 | directed by: Nico Agüero


El Circense is an on-line circus magazine based in Argentina which has, among its main objectives to cover, promote and spread proposals, experiences and initiatives related to the circu’s world. It is carried on independently by a group of collaborators coming from different countries. El Circense tries to be a tool for sharing and socializing information in order to collaborate in the development and promotion of this art in Latin America and the world.

published by: Platfororm for contemporare circus art in the Baltic | country: Baltic countries | language: english | founded in: 2014 | format: online magazine | issues per year: 4 | directed by: Māra Pāvula


NDC is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to contemporary circus and street arts in Baltic States. The aim is to encourage international cooperation between artists and promote these artistic fields in Baltic states. Next Door Circus, it is all about circus, neighbours and future.

published by: Hors Les Murs  | country: France | language: french (+ 1 issue x year in english) | founded in: 2006 (previously out as Arts de la Piste and Arts de la Rue) | format: printed and online magazine issues per year: 4 | lingua: francese, alcuni dossier disponibili anche in inglese | directed by: Julien Rosemberg


Stradda is published by the national information centre HorsLesMurs, and provides testimonies of artistic experiences originating from the street and circus arts, as well as from all other forms of art in the public space. Every edition comes with a professional information supplement for subscribers called Les Brèves, which gives an overview of current news in circus and street arts, writing about venues and companies. Once a year, Stradda releases a special issue in English