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II INCAM Meeting

hosted by Festival Mirabilia

Fossano (Cuneo) – Italy – 13 / 17 june 2012

Mirabilia 2012 – photo by Andrea Macchia

  • Reaching out for potential new audience, and reaching our audience better
  • Adopting in our media project different media channel and using them at their best (press, online, video, etc…)
  • Inviting information centres and urban theatre magazines at our meeting and investigate further collaboration
  • Create a very simple portal web site of the european circus magazine with links to all the magazines web sites.
  • Investigate the availability for europen culture programme which would recognise the value of our projects and support exchange and circulation of contents
  • The need and possibility of having a stall with display copies of each magazine at major european festival
  • Outcome the difficulties in starting common projects due to the different assets and organization of each magazine
  • Planning collaborations, projects, next meetings and joint partecipation to european festivals
  • Need for having more magazines partecipating to the meetings
Magazines which either took part in the meeting, or contributed in its preparation